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Should they be separated or kept as a grouping forever??

Hi. I recently acquired 4 signed baseballs, that were all together inside the same bag. One is signed: BEST WISHES TO JOEY: HANK AARON. Second is signed: TO JOEY BEST WISHES ?????(CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT YET). Third ball is signed by a bunch of players like ROY CAMPANELLA, BOB FELLER, etc..with no reference to joey, just a lot of signatures. The fourth ball says: TO JOEY BEST WISHES: MICKEY MANTLE! My question is, do I get these balls authenticated as a 4 ball group and never split them up, like have a special display made to house all 4 together? Or should I just get them authenticated separately? Little Joey may have gotten these signed at an all star game back in the late fifties or so. I just think it's so cool to have this little group of baseballs that must have taken a lot of effort for him back then, but I guess there's no sentimentalness in business! I sure could use your opinions before I do anything or make any mistakes. The last picture is just a few of the signatures on that baseball. Thank you for your time in advance. John :o)


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    I don't know how you'd get them authenticated "as a group". You could certainly display them that way, if you wanted, but they'd be authenticed individually.

    I'd do a little more research, though, before spending the money to authenticate them.

    I see the multi-signed ball is a Rawlings ball. Back when Campanella was signing the official balks were Spalding. Non-official balls could have been used, of course, but I'd be cognizant of the suitability of the ball to the signers.

    Also, I wonder if the unidentified one is supposed to be Roger Maris, in which case it looks very suspicious.

  • Hi JBK. Thank you for your time! :o) I would agree on the (maybe)Roger Maris, mainly because there's no little circles over any of the "i"s, but then again, the large letters in the beginning of each word does match how he signed, so that makes it hard to tell for me, either way it's gotta be his signature! Good job! The multisigned ball could have just been he brought it from home because buying a ball at the park was pretty dear and still is, so lets say it's for real. I mean how much would it be worth, not much so I see no reason why they would go to all that trouble for very little reward faking it. The other two balls should be no problem being verified as real. Yea, I guess the hard work is just beginning (paying for PSA/DNA) lol

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    Doesn’t it seem odd that the autos aren’t on the sweet spot? 99% of the time, the big names sign the sweet spot, not the areas you’ve displayed… I’d be wary of them.


  • Thanks burghman. How can you fit all those words in the "Sweet spot"?

  • burghmanburghman Posts: 739 ✭✭✭✭

    Just offering an opinion and a recommendation that you look them over very closely compared to authenticated examples. You’ve got a very questionable Maris, so I was throwing out something else to consider. Good luck.


  • Hi Jim. I agree about the Maris ball. If that comes back real, I'll be very surprised! lol I would think that verifying a whole sentence or more than just a signature would be easier to verify(more letters he wrote to compare with). I think a person who is making fake autographs would stick with short and sweet (just a signature), rather than a drawn out remark. I sent them out to PSA/DNA, so we'll see and I'll post the results. I sure hope at least just one is real. That would be great! Watch it be the Maris! lol

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    Sorry but I do not think any are legit. the one that has the best possibility is the Aaron, but again I think its a longshot.
    The Maris is a mess.....especially the M.
    The Mantle .....the M in Mickey does not look good. The last name goes into the sweet spot. He should have started his first name a little to the right not so close to the stitches.
    The Campanella does not look like any of his signatures I ever saw.
    The Aaron maybe but to me highly doubtful.
    Sorry but I sure hope I am wrong.

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  • UPDATE: I just received word from PSA-DNA on my 4 baseballs. The Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, and the multi signed ball (Roy Campanella, Bob Feller, etc..) were certified authentic. The Roger Maris ball was deemed :"questionable authenticity" and was not given a certification number like the other three. It cost about 400.00 to get them all looked at and I feel very fortunate. Over the years, I have sent a good amount of items to them, only to be disappointed by most of them turning out not to be real, so this is nice. Thanks for any help and your comments, too.   :o)

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    AWESOME! CONGRATS! I am glad I was wrong.....

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    Nice! Congratulations.


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