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Great Collections tonight: 16 coins (1884 Mo MH 8 reales PCGS 64, Port. India 1882 rupia PCGS 62)

I have 16 coins closing on Great Collections tonight. If any of these interest you, please feel free to take a look. Thanks.

Here's the list:

Angola 1927 50 Centavos KM-69 PCGS MS-62
India - Goa 1871 10 Reis KM-303 PCGS AU-55
India - Goa 1882 Silver Rupia KM-312 MS-62
Portugal 1889 Silver 500 Reis KM-509 PCGS MS-63
Portugal 1915 Silver 10 Centavos KM-563 PCGS MS-63 (Toned)
Portugal 1916 Silver 20 Centavos KM-562 PCGS MS-63
Portugal 1948 Silver 5 Escudos KM-581 PCGS MS-66
Portugal 1954 Silver 10 Escudos KM-586 PCGS MS-64
India 1947 Silver Rupia KM-27 PCGS MS-64
Portugal 1916 Silver Escudo KM-564 PCGS MS-62
Germany 1908-G Silver Mark KM-14 PCGS MS-62
Germany 1912-D 25 Pfennig KM-18 ANACS MS-64
Switzerland 1931-B Silver 1/2 Franc KM-23 PCGS MS-65
India - Goa 1871 5 Reis KM-302 PCGS MS-62 RB
Germany - Frankfurt 1860 Silver Thaler KM-360 PCGS Genuine AU Details
Mexico 1884-Mo MH Silver 8 Reales KM-377.10 PCGS MS-64

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