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Is anyone else having this issue..?
For the past 3 days, when I log in to my account and click on the status of my CRC's (I currently have 3 that have been in review for the past 60 days), I get an Error Message telling me to email PSA and make them aware of the issue. So I emailed them on Monday, got a response on Tuesday saying that they were aware of it, and here we are on Wednesday and still am getting the same Error message when I try to view the status of these Reviews...

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if it is limited to only my account..?



  • BBBrkrrBBBrkrr Posts: 736 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've been getting it too (I have 2 currently going through). I did notice that if you check through the PSA app you can see the progress without the error screen.

    I assume that's an active link and correctly shows status.

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