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1830-TF Central American Republic 1 Real

A few days ago I was looking at some auctions from a very popular seller on Ebay and got this for $21. About the cheapest CAR coin you'll find anywhere, and also one of the first coins made in Honduras. These really seem to have exploded in popularity in the last few years.

Pretty nice coin... aside from the fact that it's been holed three times. As I understand, holes on these are common because the indigenous peoples of Latin America would wear their silver and gold around their neck. (Today, a significant portion of the population in Guatemala and Honduras is indigenous.) I do not know why this specific one was holed three times, maybe a certain tribe did things that way.

Thought it was interesting enough, a pretty design, and a nice enough overall coin...

"You can't get just one gun." "You can't get just one tattoo." "You can't get just one 1796 Draped Bust Large Cent."

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