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Argentina and Uruguay's first coinage - 1813 Sunface 2 Reales

Found this auction on Ebay with a few hours remaining and it was still sitting at a pretty low price. Decided to place a bid and ended up winning it for just a hair under $50, before shipping.

The early 1800s was a tumultuous time in Latin America with most of the republics gaining their independence. As I understand this coinage was struck at the Potosi mint under revolutionary control. Only four 1813 2Rs have been auctioned on Heritage in the last decade, attesting to the scarcity of this piece. It's not a particularly pretty one, but it's not like one has a great deal of choice with these. Hope you enjoy this coin.

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    Congratulations on your first sunface! You may find that it is hard to have just one.

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    And the journey begins you will have a lot of fun!!! Nice pick up!!! You will find there are a lot of rare coins in Latin America. The best is to pick a series and stick with it. You may not be able to buy much in a single year but you will come to truly appreciate each coin you do own.

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