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Newp: Solidus! Post yours, too!

Bob13Bob13 Posts: 1,412 ✭✭✭✭✭

Ok, so this is way off my collecting path - it's an ancient coin and it's gold. But, I've been curious about the history and what these coins look like in hand. This one caught my eye.

Here's my newp:
From the reign of Maurice Tiberius (582-602), from 590-91, Carthage Mint.

Sounds like Maurice was a good general but my interest in this coin was just how well struck it is.

Now that I've got one, I'm thinking I might get some more! What is a good reference for these - hoping for something that has some history, something about the iconography of the coins.

Anyone else has a solidus to share?

My current "Box of 20"


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