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Onsite grading question

When PCGS does onsite grading at shows, will you receive a graded encapsulated coin at shows end? I'm going to the show in Schaumburg Illinois and want to get some coins graded.


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    In my experience, PCGS will have a cut-off time (preferably published) that you have to submit prior to in order for onsite grading submissions to be returned at the show. The time is not always published, but will sometimes be told to you as you submit your order. These coins will be available for pick-up at the show, but be warned there have also been instances where they were not ready in time. Good luck!

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  • Thanks Tom, I'm planning on going at opening on the first day. I hope they can do it because the turnaround times are long now.

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    Yes, if you submit on the first day, and check the proper box on the SHOW Submission form, they will be available for pickup as long as the category of service you check is available! Some things, like variety attribution, and maybe world coins, can be submitted, but will be shipped back to you once they do the work in California.

    Be aware there are TWO levels, priced accordingly - pickup no later than end of show, and a costlier level of pickup the same day (or maybe it’s 24 hours)? At FUN in January, I submitted early on dealer set up day (Wednesday) via Early Admission privileges, for End of Show pickup (Sunday), but they were ready for pickup on Friday.

    I’ve read that PCGS has “tightened” over the past eight months or so. Please post your results in a new thread once you have them back, and let us know how you made out compared to your expectations.


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  • Thanks for the info and I will post results after the show.

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