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TRADE graded Kennedy Half Dollars

Trying to upgrade my registry set so I want to trade some of my extra MS67 Kennedy Half Dollars for MS67's I don't have.

Need these in MS67 or better:
1971 1972 1974 1974D 1976 1976D
1979 1979D 1980D 1981P 1981D 1982P
1983D 1984P 1984D 1986D 1988P 1989P
1990P 1990D 1991P 1991D 1994D 1998D 2000D

Have these MS67 to offer, will trade multiple coins for the ones I need. Some have Truview or RFI, some not. :
1971D 1996P 1996D 2004P 2004D
2006D 2007D 2008P 2010P 2011P
2011D 2012P 2012D 2013D 2013P
2015D 2017P 2019P 2019D


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