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1956 Topps Dodgers - Master Team Set

I've tried to get PSA Registry to put a "Master" Dodgers team set in the registry. The set would consist of all the regular cards listed in the registry team set category; however, the expansion would occur by including BOTH gray back and white back AS WELL as including any card that a Dodger is depicted as a secondary character (such as card #277 of Daryl Spencer which ALSO INCLUDES Roy Campanella!!!). To date, my set request with "the registry" has fallen on deaf ears. It doesn't stop my quest, which brings me to this BURNING QUESTION....does ANYBODY know who the Dodger is that's lying on the ground after apparently being taken out (on a double play attempt?) by none other than Eddie Mathews (on card #107)?

Some say the disgraced Dodger is PeeWee....others argue that it is Zimmer...still others claim its Gil Hodges (although I'm not sure why he would be covering second base all the way from first?!!).

This is one of the great mysteries of life and I was hoping SOMEBODY had the definitive answer :'(

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