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Warning - Account Impersonator

BailathaclBailathacl Posts: 1,009 ✭✭✭

Someone has somehow hijacked my account. They changed my password and put in a totally unrelated email address: [email protected] Then they changed the password so I cannot even delete the FALSE BST thread selling coins that are NOT mine under my name.


Do not buy anything unless you confirm a valid email address. This is pretty upsetting to me. I don’t want anyone to get taken by this bad actor. I am hoping a moderator steps in quickly. I flagged the offending post.

"The Internet? Is that thing still around??" - Homer Simpson


  • BailathaclBailathacl Posts: 1,009 ✭✭✭

    Just got control of my account back, with an updated password and with my old email address restored. Whew. That was weird and scary. Hope nobody was taken in. Be careful when responding to users you think you know here on BST -- whoever took control of my account and posted that bogus for sale post knows a thing or two about coins.

    "The Internet? Is that thing still around??" - Homer Simpson
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