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Attention T- Mobile Subscribers - FREE MLB.TV

countdouglascountdouglas Posts: 2,125 ✭✭✭✭✭

Once again, T-Mobile is offering a free yearlong subscription to all T-Mobile subscribers! The sign up period ends in the early morning hours of Tuesday April 4th, so sign up by Monday to make sure you don't miss out! You can Google this to see it's a legit offer.

For me, renewing my subscription is easy peazy, extra cheesy, but there is a bit of a process for those taking advantage of the offer for the first time. You will first need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and enter your T-Mobile subscriber information to receive the T-Mobile perks. You will be given an offer code for the MLB.TV subscription. You will need to also register for an MLB.com account and download the MLB app. I'm sure there is a step by step process that you will be walked through, just in case I've posted a bit of inaccurate info. But it is easy, and it is free.

Local blackout restrictions do apply, but every game is archived upon its conclusion, so you can replay it any time you want, as often as you want, throughout the season. There should be no excuses for missing a single Trouty strikeout in a clutch situation. You can't say that dad made you go to bed early, or mom was blocking the highlights on TV in the morning as she made you breakfast. You no longer have to base your player opinions off of the MLB The Show player ratings. You'll actually be watching the games!

You get access to both home and away announcing teams on the TV broadcasts, and also the Spanish language TV broadcasts, as well as both home and away radio broadcast teams for each game. When you watch the Angels games, use their crew, and you'll finally understand why they call the player we all know and love "Trouty". Lots of other exciting features, so check it out. Again, it's FREE for T-Mobile subscribers.

As an added bonus for the first 1,000 people to take advantage of this offer, I'm personally throwing in free tuition to my most popular class at the University of Countdouglas, Trouty 101. It is mostly a self directed curriculum, an independent studies class so to speak, with periodic tests throughout the season, where you'll learn that the idea that Trouty is this generational player is just a big con. Once, a student even claimed Trouty as "one of the most clutch hitters of all-time", which was quickly debunked by Trouty himself, using Trouty's real time performance in the 6 weeks immediately after that claim was made. Many other examples of instant karma exist. Everyone acts like Trouty's failures are a new phenomena, but I've been on this forum almost 6 years, and out in stadiums and sports bars near you since 2012, and I've been nothing if not consistent, pointing out that it is not at all what the media wants you to believe when it comes to Trouty. You just have to pay attention, class.

I can't stress enough...You have to actually watch the games!

Here's your chance, T-Mobile subscribers, and it's FREE!


  • Steven59Steven59 Posts: 7,638 ✭✭✭✭✭

    "I can't stress enough...You have to actually watch the games!"

    Oh, well never mind - I usually just have games on in the background to break up the monotony of silence.

    "When they can't find anything wrong with you, they create it!"

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