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Can anyone make custom cards for me

Please provide me with some contact information or reach out if you can help me with a time sensitive request.

The people I want to make these cards for are all near death with my dad likely being the first to go. I do not know if other people will want to order copies/reprints but I probably will want a 1:1 for the person (maybe artist proof) and a half dozen copies to give away when they pass.

I'd like a card backs to resemble their birth year.
- 1949 Gene Maire
- 1940 Benjamin (Benny) Maire
- 1946 Larry Nefzger

My dad, Gene, has an awesome picture you can find on Google where he is cleaning a tank in Vietnam and this is the picture I've always wanted to commemorate.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions then please let me know. Whether it's a certain material/ink to use, hand drawn vs computer edited, etc.

Should I hire one person for the art and somebody else to produce it or is there somebody who can do both?

I tried to reach out to one of the Topps freelance artists a few months ago and haven't heard back and time is ticking!

If others want to do this too then we can try and get a group order going.

Appreciate the help in advance.


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