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FS: Michael Jordan Nike Poster Cards PSA 10's (Super Jordan...Jam & Slam...Is it The Shoes?)

erikthredderikthredd Posts: 7,911 ✭✭✭✭✭

I have for sale three different Michael Jordan 5x7 Nike Poster Cards with each having been graded Gem Mint PSA 10.
They are:

1991 Nike Poster Cards Super Jordan #946 PSA 10
Top Pop of just two PSA 10's with a total of only 8 graded.
The other PSA 10 previously sold on Goldin Auctions for $1680 back in January 2023.
My asking Price is just $1400 through PP Goods & Services.

1990 Nike Poster Cards Jam & Slam #922 PSA 10
Top Pop of just two PSA 10 with a total of only 8 graded.
With no previous PSA 10 sales online I'm using the Super Jordan PSA 10 from the link above as my comp.
My asking price is just $1400 through PP Goods & Services.

1990 Nike Poster Cards Is It The Shoes? w/Spike Lee #838 PSA 10
The only PSA 10 with just 11 of this Is It The Shoes? Black version that have been graded.
Where this is the only black version PSA 10 I used the previous sale of the White version PSA 10 as my comp.
My asking price is $1200 through PP Goods & Services.

I'll listen to respectable offers and I'll incude Overnight Express shipping providing the post office says it applicable from me (North Andover,MA) to you.
Please reply back with any questions or if more pics are needed.

I also have these three that I might also be looking to sell if there's any interest?
1991 Nike Poster Cards Jordan/Genie w/Spike Lee & Little Richard PSA 8 w/just 1 PSA 10 graded higher.
1991 Nike Poster Cards Evolution PSA 6
1991-92 High Flying 360 w/Spike Lee White Border version PSA 7 w/just 1 PSA 8 graded higher. SOLD

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