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Good afternoon! This is my first post on this site so I figured Id stop in, say hello, and ask for some advice while I'm at it.

A few years ago I Inherited an estate when my grandparents died; along with it was my great-grandfathers coin collection. The collection is mostly wheat pennies and Jefferson nickels. There's about 100lbs of loose "wheaties" and 100lbs of rolled; some of the rolls are from the mint. As for the nickels there's only about 50lbs and there was only one minted roll. Ive gotten mixed reviews on what to do with them over the years and nothing really informed. Ive been told the wheaties are pretty much only worth copper value unless they're graded, same for the nickels (face value that is). As I have no real investment in the coins Im not really sure what to do with them. Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated, thanks much gentlemen.


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    Welcome to the forum! :)

    The wheat cents may be worth searching for errors or better dates or filling a coin book. It would be wise to get a Red Book and look for better dates. The 1940's & 50's are common and should sell for around 3 cents each in bulk.

    The nickels should be searched for 1942-45 wartime silver alloy nickels, look for the large mint mark above the building on the reverse. Silver price on these today is $1.27 each. The uncirculated roll may be worth something as an original roll or could be searched for errors or steps on the reverse. Full step nickels only command a premium in uncirculated condition, don't bother searching the circulated ones for steps. There are several errors to check for that can bring a nice premium. The rest of the circulated ones are just face value.

    Here is a link to give you an idea of what to look for as far as errors go.

    If you have more questions we are here to help. ;)

  • @ifthevamzarockin Thanks for the advice; Ill grab a red book and check some of those minted rolls!

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