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    Those are starting to get a little hard to find as many many folks bought rolls of them at the time of issue and when the banks had them. I have heard that the outer ring will continue to get darker, but not black. When coming out of the roll, they are just a little light gray. It was issued soon after Elizabeth's death and is called the "mourning toonie".

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    I was curious about that black ring. A fellow Forum member sent me a few, and I couldn't see any difference from the normal ones (of course, my eyesight's not the greatest). My wife said she saw a slight difference, but if I saw one on the street, I wouldn't have recognized it for what it was. I'll have to look at mine again to see if they truly have gotten any darker. That would be nice! Meanwhile, some OTHER indication (a privy mark or SOMETHING) would have been nice. Thx for the info!

    So is the "hidden maple leaf" feature above the polar bear mentioned by Bailathacl below actually the giveaway indication to differentiate between the regular-issue and the commemorative versions? If so, that sure is helpful! But I thought ALL recent toonies had that same maple leaf(s). I'm so confused. Any links to article detailing that feature? Thx!

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    Like the hidden maple leaf feature above the polar bear.

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    When the mint first issued these and according to their "propaganda", the ring was supposed to be black
    to mourn the Queens death but they appear to have turned out to be more like a dark grey.

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