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I recently acquired a 1797 Large Cent with a bit of corrosion in the area of the date and a couple of other small spots on the Obverse. I plan to get it grade but the corrosion is is a point of concern. This large cent is an off-center and a possible die break error coin. I want to preserve it the best way possible but if I send it to be graded it will be marked corroded. If I try to clean it, it will be possible be marked cleaned. Any idea or opinion on which route you would suggest and would the value be affected more or less with the corrosion left on the LC or the cleaning? I have never cleaned or even thought about cleaning a coin, but this 1797 LC is a special coin, especially with errors. Has anyone ever cleaned a LC before and how did it turn out. Was it corroded and was any/all the corrosion removed from the cleaning method. Thanks for viewing and all comments are welcome, good/bad/ugly. Ha Ha. :D:'(B)

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