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Hot Millions 1968 British movie with Decimal Pound 50 New Pence newspaper article

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"Hot Millions" is a 1968 British crime caper comedy. Marcus Pendleton (Peter Ustinov) is released from prison, passes himself off as a computer expert named Caesar Smith, is hired by the London office of a large American company, and uses computers to send company checks to fictitious businesses.

Early in the film Marcus reads a newspaper article mentioning computers.

Newspaper article from the film

A newspaper page with two articles appears. One article is titled "A Computer Magnate Lord Chivas Austin to Bermuda today" and the other article is titled "Seven-sided c[oins] replace 10s n[otes]"

The Lord Chivas Austin article is fictional but the second article about the coins is real.

The first part of the text of the coins article:

The first seven-sided coin in the world will go into circulation in Britain in October, 1969 to replace the 10s [shillings] note. Its denomination will be 50 new pence. Made of cupro nickel, this "silver" coin will have a diameter of 30 millimetres and weigh 13 1/2 grams, putting it about midway in size and weight between a 2s [two shilling] piece and a half-crown [2-1/2 shillings].

Mr. H. G. Conway, a director of Rolls-Royce and a member of the Decimal Currency Board, put forward the idea of using this shape which is called an "equilateral curve heptagon." It has a constant diameter and will roll, making it suitable for coin-operated machines.

The 50 new pence coins were eventually minted from 1969 to 1981 to the specifications in the article.

Britain 50 New Pence 1981
Copper-nickel, 30.0 mm, 13.5 gm

There are also Italian coins in the film, "some with birds and some with trees on 'em".


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    Prime TV has been airing episodes of the original Avengers series with Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, etc. which date to 1961-2, predecimalization. I always liked the pre-decimal LSD system and since a number of these stories involve money there's a real charm hearing conversations about pence, shillings, sovereigns and even guineas. In one episode earlier this week Steed makes a payment in guineas by adding the extra shillings in coin along with pound banknotes.

    What fun!

    Always interested in St Louis MO & IL metro area and Evansville IN national bank notes and Vatican/papal states coins and medals!
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    When I was 10 years old, in 1968, we spent a month in England (August-September). The change to decimal coinage was underway. I remember the street arcades where the machines used the large copper pennies. Old ones, even back into the 1800s were everywhere in circulation (well-worn, of course).

    One time we took the train from London to Brighton. Brighton is sort of like their version of a beach town. They had several arcades there. And they had slot machines with cash payouts (gambling). There was no minimum age stipulation. I still remember playing slot machines with .500 silver 6-pence coins.

    On our trip we brought some 1964 Kennedy half dollars. My older brothers and I went into a candy shop in Brighton and asked what we could get for a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. The shop gave us a giant bag full for one coin.

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