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More Canadian Dollars and other Random Canadian Stuff! Proof and Mint sets! All gone

SurfinxHISurfinxHI Posts: 2,327 ✭✭✭✭✭

All are F-AU in nature, and some have light cleanings (hairlines, etc). None are polished. Melt is $13.55 each, so being a bit over melt seems about right, say $18. Most of the pricing I'm seeing on line is well about these prices, so I think this is competitive. If you think it's not, shoot me a note. The 1949s are all at least AU, possibly MS, but have some hairlines.

Delivery costs are based on the amount bought. Once it gets above 12 oz, it will go USPS priority mail, and shipping will be $9. Below that it should be $6.

Canadian available:
Other stuff. 3 silver 1 oz troy rounds from the 1988 Olympic Set. And one random duck round. My guess is that this is a US round, but hey, its got a duck on it. Let's do xxx each on the rounds, so $xxx dollars delivered.


1967 Proof Set in a capital plastics holder SOLD

1967 Mint set in a holder sold
1967 Mint set with OGP sold
1976 Mint set with OGP
1972 MInt set with OGP

I'm open to reasonable offers on these, plus shipping! Looks like melt is right around $xxx on the 67s.


Dead people tell interesting tales.


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