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Overton...maybe a dumb question

Piano1Piano1 Posts: 233 ✭✭✭

Hello, everyone.

Can't go anywhere today as the snow here in NH is coming down fast and furious. 8" already and much more coming with high winds later. Association plows the roads and walks but I still have to do our 2 decks and the stairs. Anyway, I'm escaping the shoveling and my wife's "honey-do" list for the moment and would like to pose a technical Overton Half question.

Years ago I bought "Early Half Dollar Die Varieties" just for fun. Looking at it now, i believe my coin is an O-105a, but I'm not quite sure. Neither description matches my coin in that mine has a large die crack running all the way at the top of STATES. On C-s2, my coin has the lump between ED in UNITED at the milling but it does not have a "break from the first S down through TA to base of second T". My coin has the "chip" between S and OF. I am wondering, is this a 105 and generally speaking, could mine be a progression of the die cracks beyond C-s2 with the long break above STATES, or and I trying too hard?? 😮

Overton pros out there, help would be very much appreciated and Thanks!!!



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