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Topps 70 Bo Jackson 541c 88 vs 86

After looking this card over it dawned on me that his baseball rookie year was 1986 and football was 1988 so it seems more appropriate that the card should have either been a play on the Topps rookie baseball card or it should have been serialized to 88. I was able to get mine for a pretty good price, IMO, considering what they've been going for in the last year.

I know they did a play on the 86 Topps baseball rookie for Topps 70 which is one of my favorites. My favorite is probably the techmo bowl card. I'm sure these cards are a turn-off for many collectors so if you're not a fan then I'd rather you ignore this thread but everyone is entitled to an opinion so flame away if you feel the need.

Here's an example of the card.


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