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Any demand here for Canada Silver dollars, raw. UPDATE Nearly all sold. Will make a new thread.

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I'd like to know if it's worth posting them. I've got about 80 for sale in 2x2s. Many are uncs. Older dates are vf-xf.

Please let me know.


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    Hello, I like Canadian dollars, please PM me a list of what you have. Thanks!

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    @CBTL2 said:
    Hello, I like Canadian dollars, please PM me a list of what you have. Thanks!

    I was looking over my set I can use a nicer 1945 than the one I have now. I also need 1947 pointed and 1947 Maple Leaf. I don't know if I will ever be willing to bit on a 1948 or not. As for more common dates I need a 1957 in proof like and if you have any other proof like or pretty toned dollars I am interested. A couple of other Canadian coins I am looking for on a type set I am putting together in a nice MS half dollar 1953-1955, and 50% silver 1968 dime and quarter in MS. On the type set I want to get some really nice coins preferably with pretty toning. If you have any really nice coins from 1953-1968 let me know.

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    For sale include the following:

    Canadian 1976 Olympic set, in original box with OGP. These are the $5 and $10 coins, that contain 0.723 troy oz and 1.44 troy oz of silver, respectively. There are 28 sterling medals in the set, with the set being split evenly between the two denominations. Therefore, there is 30.2 troy oz of silver in the set. These show up on ebay at anywhere from $850-1250. Melt on the set is $665 and climbing. I'd like $SOLD for the set, plus actual shipping costs (I'm thinking that will be another $20 or so shipped priority mail, insured). 2 sets available. Yes, I'll consider a deal if you get both. (I edited the silver totals based on poor math last night -- didn't add in 4 each of the coins. ugh. Thanks GScoins!)

    Next is the 1988 Canadian Olympic proof set, again, is $350-450 on ebay. These are proof coins, $20 face value, each weighing 1 troy oz. Has the original green velvet case and OGP. 2 sets available. Melt is $220 and climbing. I'd like $SOLD plus actual shipping cost. Again, seems like about $20 to ship. Sure, I'll consider a deal if you buy both.

    Here's the rest of the breakdown for the silver dollars.

    1935 5 available. Sold.
    1936 10 available. Sold.
    1937 12 available. SOLD
    1939 14 available. Will make a new thread

    All are F-AU in nature, and some have light cleanings (hairlines, etc). None are polished. Melt is $13.20 each, so being a bit over melt seems about right, say $20 (which is on par with 1921 morgans). If you want to take a bunch, I'll figure out a price break (bunch = 25 or more). Most of the pricing I'm seeing on line is well about these prices, so I think this is competitive. If you think it's not, shoot me a note.

    Dead people tell interesting tales.
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