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Need to sell some gold and silver in bulk - best place to sell?

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I purchased about a decade ago about ~10,000 Oz of silver (RCM) mostly rounds, a 1,000 oz bar and probably about 2,000 oz of 100 oz bars, also 220 oz of gold Canadian maple leafs (some still sealed). I purchased them in a pension account but we a retiring the pension and I can't keep them in a rollover IRA. So I need to cash them out. I purchased most of it through APMEX, some from Kitco. I am up nicely but want to get the best price so I am agnostic on where I sell them. The Silver rounds are all in 500 oz, sealed mint boxes. All the bars are also RCM so nothing jankey. I have to have the checks made out to the pension plan so I don't end up in court with the IRS. I thank you in advance for your advice.


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    any 10 oz rcm bars?

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    Yup the Big A if you're central or out west near OKC, Perhaps Bullion Exchange if closer to NYC. With that quantity don't ship, request in person appointment. RGDS!!

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    Check Scotsman Coins (in St. Louis) Trading Sheet, and go from there. Check Silvertowne for the bulk silver.

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    You can't hit the brakes on the car when you've already driven off a cliff.

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