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First message. Just dropping in…

Good evening from London!

I collect circulating half sovereigns and have some nice examples graded with PCGS some of which are joint and some are single finest.

I am excited to find this forum and looking forward to learning more and more. This is my first message! Looking forward to getting to know you.

My question relates to issues where it feels like you are being ignored by PCGS staff? What do you think is the best way to manage this? I have an issue with one particular set where a coin is listed that simply does not exist. None of the books or most recent research records it. There is no evidence of it existing.

I messaged the set registry staff over a month ago and they have totally ignored me. I messaged the general PCGS email and they told me to message the set registry people……frustrating, right?

I have previously had to complain about a grading issue and because it was so serious I messaged the CEO and the matter was sorted eventually.

However, on this occasion I don’t want to do that as it is not a massive issue, it is just a frustration. And it is annoying me, if I am honest.

What to do? This is preventing my set from being able to register as complete. I just cannot understand why they have a coin in the set registry but NOT in the census (and NGC do not have this recorded either) in my view this is the equivalent of PCGS stating this there is an 1849 Carson City Double Eagle and then refusing to remove it when faced with clear evidence that it doesn’t exist.

Scratching my daft head wondering what I have to do to have this issue sorted.

I know this is mundane, but it is also frustrating.

Thank you,



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