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Trade? Ur Silver necklace and or charms 4 my PMs or other things

I am looking to trade some PMs, coins, or whatever for a silver chain preferably Cuban link and extremely big. I am not sure on length between 18 to 24 inches closer to 24 though and any charms you may have. I am looking to get it as a gift for someone younger so i figured someone here could possibly save some thing from the scrap bin and be willing to trade for close to melt value in whatever metal chain or charms we agree to trade since it's possibly being saved from the scrap bin. Please send me a message and any pictures you have along with what you are willing to trade for it. Thanks.

Plenty of references on the forum. Even though I lurk 99.9% of the time I am still here.

Positive BST Deals as a seller : Wondercoin, Chumlee, Jerster, Perry Hall , DMarks, MWK, drewsef, SoCalBigMark, Lakesammman, Nurmaler
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