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Saxony Groschen Question

None of my references provide the supposed weights of 17th century groschen of the Saxony Albertine line.
In particular, how much was a 40 groschen and 60 groschen piece, respectively supposed to weigh. I have a 20 groschen piece which weighs about 11.4 grams.

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    The 40 appears to be about double thw 20 groschen, with most falling in the 22.5g to 25.5g range. I don't know for sure the standard they're minted on (e.g. silver marck), which could dictate the amount of silver needed.

    The silver content of groschen declined continually over the centuries, so it was a moving target. A single groschen was around 2g of silver in ~1500. By the 1860s, it was down to under 0.1g.

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