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A clean, innocent and funny story about a show...... [email protected]

Scott brought his supplies into the American Legion hall like he did once a month in the midsize town he lived in in the Midwest.

He was 63 years old, grew up in town, married and divorced there as well. He was tall and very thin. He was semi-retired and turned his coin collecting hobby into a part time job.

He went to a few shows a month and had an online. He lived comfortably, this was mostly something to do and keep busy.

There were a dozen dealers set up in the basement of the legion and he had two long tables with displays and coins inside. He was glad to see a number of kids at shows more recently.

He also had made a few good friends who were dealers or customers.

The show started at 9 am and the next few hours were a bit slow until lunchtime when free hotdogs were available in the legion kitchen and more people showed up.

As the crowd got busier, Scott kept an eye on his displays and also the people walking around.

He noticed a lady in the corner, he caught her face first, a bit round, very short dark hair tied in a tiny ponytail.

She was maybe 5'1" or so. As people stopped walking in front of her Scott was able to get his first full view of her.

Seeing her made him stand up and he forgot all that was going around him for a moment. She wasn't just a somewhat cute 30 something year old. She had large muscles everywhere!

She had a long skirt on, but he could make out a pair of massive thighs underneath, they looked like tree trunks.

Her waist was also strong and thick. Best of all she had a sleeveless top on showing off a pair of huge and thick muscled arms.

Scott took a quick drink of water. His eyes traced down her arms to her very thick and big forearms too. She had a black fitness tracker on her left wrist that looked like it might pop off her forearm.

She turned her neck to look at the clock on the wall and her thick neck flexed and Scott could see some chords of muscle. The skin on her body was soft, but the large muscles lurked just under them.

He wondered why she was here? WIth her husband a collector? Or was she a customer?

He looked and didn't see a ring on her finger.

Scott turned his attention back to his table and remembered why he was there.

The next time he looked over he saw that she was now sitting at a table by the door. She was the coin appraiser that had shown up late. She worked for an independent grading company and was setting up her table.

She was into coins!!! he thought to himself.

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