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Zeus seated left on backless throne

I know, I post a lot lately. Sorry :|

Just trying to figure this one out. I don't think the label is correct. I don't think it's a Philip III. I thought maybe it was Alexander III, but I don't see it anywhere. For me the pick up point is the throne style. I haven't seen a single example with two straight legs like that. I'm even started to wonder if it's authentic. Whatcha think..


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    The king is named, on the reverse to the right of the throne. I can see some writing there but can't make it out i that pic. Any chance of getting a more zoomed-in pic of the reverse? I don't think the entire name is on the flan, but there should be enough left to distinguish between FILIPPOY and ALEXANDROY.

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    Better pic... and now I'm thinking it is a Philip III, but I'm just not seeing it on wildwind

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    It's definitely Philip III. On the blown up pic, you can make out most of the remaining letters in his name: [ΦΙΛ] ΙΠΠΟ [Υ]

    The mint as attributed on the ticket is correct, though Price 2600 would refer to a similar one in the name of Alexander. This one would specifically be Price P82.

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    nicey nice look at that - http://numismatics.org/pella/id/price.P82

    much obliged

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