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Peru 1 Sol 1880 YJ. Help, please.

OK. Here's a technical one for the Peru Coin expert.

I am going through some odds n' ends that I picked up during our 4 years in Southern Peru 1975-1979 and came across a beautiful 1880 YJ 1 sol coin, easily XF. Well, I don't know what they were drinking at the mint in 1880 (possibly Chica or Pisco Sours) but there are a lot of varieties for the 1880 YB! I can't determine which variety my coin is. I have eliminated 1880/70, 1880/8, I don't see RB on the ribbon of the wreath, (where is it located on the ribbon) so that brings me to KM-196.7 which has "3 berries in bunch" or 196.8 which has "2 berries in bunch". Which bunch?? :o Or maybe, I just have KM-196.5 plain old 1880 YJ. I guess this is what makes the hobby so much fun but sometimes...I get myself into a real quandary.

I wish I could include a photo (I'm working THAT skill currently) but can anyone provide an opinion based on what I have included here? Darned BUNCHES!!!

Thanks! :s



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