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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Finish Question

I picked up a 2015 Silver Maple Leaf with ram privy mark. It looks like a reverse proof as the portrait and maple leaf are shinny while the fields are dull or matt. I can't find anything on it in my reference book ( Coins of Canada by Haxby and Willey} unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Though I would ask members here about the finish.


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    My Haxby is old and only goes to 2009. You'll have to look in the back under privy-marked silver bullion or in a newer Charlton Vol 2, which has mint products, rather than circulating coins. Without photos, tough to tell, but what people call P/L, MS, spec, etc is up to debate as to what terms are used. All were commissioned by private enterprises, hence the marks, but made by the Mint. All, starting in 1998 were shiny silver design elements on satin fields. There's not much of a premium for most of that stuff, with much selling under the issue price, but it's silver.

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    My book is 2021. There is a section on privy marked silver maple leafs but doesn't say anything about the finish.

  • sylsyl Posts: 885 ✭✭✭
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    In my 2009 book, the last sentence in the first paragraph for the privy-marked maple leaves is "The Specimen finish features design devices in brilliant relief on a satin background".

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    Charlton v2, 2022 calls the regular silver maples bullion strikes. Privy marks are a mix of bullion, specimen and proof. The 2015 Ram is classed as Specimen.


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    Thanks for these answers. Checked my book again and it doesn't say anything about the finish.

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