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BEST affordable Tetradrachm in your opinion

Tetradrachm is probably the most desired denomination of Greek coins and certainly has my favorite designs. What issues do you guys think the average guy could comfortably afford, Im talking around 200-350 USD. In my opinion the best tetradrachm that is affordable has got to be Antiochus VII, they generally were not hoarded meaning they did wear, which gives great opportunities for people that are not looking for the top end. They also generally have good artistry, the busts are well sculpted and they are great for people looking to get deeper into reading greek coins as they have a lot of text in the obverse. Overall you can expect to pay about 325 for a “Very Fine” example, but you absolutely could get one with wear for about 230-260. Posthumous examples are also GREAT ways to get one generally for much cheaper.
Here is an incapsulated example listed for $340, great detail of Antiochus’s hair and legends are easily readable:

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