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Are Sotheby's & Christies Doing Regular High-End Coin Auctions ?

GoldFinger1969GoldFinger1969 Posts: 1,284 ✭✭✭✭
edited February 13, 2023 9:03PM in U.S. Coin Forum

Was talking about the sale of the 1933 Double Eagle via Sotheby's at halftime of the Super Bowl with a fellow coin collector and he asked me if it was strange that it hasn't been sold at a regular coin auction house like HA, sb, or GC.

I said that given the uniqueness of the coin I wasn't surprised that a traditional auction house like Sotheby's has sold it twice.

Which got me to thinking....I know Sotheby's has David Tripp on their staff....do they do regular coin auctions even if infrequently (quarterly or annually) or what ? If they don't do regular auctions, why have numismatists like Tripp on the staff for an occasional high-end super coin every few years (or in the case of the 1933 Double Eagle, every 19 years :) ) ?

I do wonder if or when EliteCollection decides to part with the 1933 if it might ever be sold through a coin-centered firm like Heritage or GreatCollections.

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