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Milwaukee Coin Dealers?

Hi all - it's been a while since I've been here - just started lurking again. Hope to be more active in the future. Though I've had a coin collection for more than 40 years, most of that time I have not been much of a collector...more of a collector-wanna-be, still kind of a newbie. I'm trying to read all my books and learn more. I've recently retired, so I'm trying to get organized and more educated so I can work on my hobbies, coin collecting being one of them!

I do have a question, or a few - hope it doesn't violate any forum rules:

For anyone who lives in/frequents/visits the Milwaukee, WI area, do you have a favorite coin dealer that you like to work with? Who? Why do you like them vs others? I'm looking for suggestions. Do you like the inventory? I'm sure some are much larger than others. Prices? The owner/sales people?

Conversely, do you have any that you specifically avoid? (Maybe this question is better answered in a DM).

There are like 20+ coin dealers in the Milwaukee area, and the only two I've been to are Greater Milwaukee Coin & Jewelry (in Brookfield), and David Derzon Coins (in Milwaukee). I've only been to GMC a few times, and Derzon only once. So, I don't have too much to go on. I know there's another GMC in Waukesha - is that one better/worse than the Brookfield one? How is working with Ken vs Russ? I have to admit, I didn't get much of a warm, fuzzy feeling from Derzon, but I was only there once, and not for very long. What do you know about Paragon Numismatics? Karl's Coins? Gordy's Coins? Oak Creek Currency & Coin? American Coin & Jewelry? Heritage Coin Sales? There are too many to choose from.

Any input would be appreciated! TIA.

Rocking my "shiny-object-syndrome"!!!


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    pcgscacgoldpcgscacgold Posts: 2,637 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, it really depends what you are looking for. For Bullion Oak Creek Currency is the guy to go to. Rick is very fair and has up to date bid and ask prices. I have done ok on both buy and sell transactions with him.

    I suggest you attend the area coin shows. There is one coming up March 12th in New Berlin. Probably 40+ dealers. There is another larger show April 21-22 in the southern part of Milw not far from the airport. That show brings in 70 or so dealers and many from IL. Then the big one in Rosemont (only an hour from Milw) April 24-30. That is a great show with dealers from all over the country. I highly suggest you attend that one. I have gone the last 3 years and it beats all the others for material available.

    I have bought from Bob at Bob's OK coins on 13th street. Not sure if he is still open.

    Feel free to DM me if you have other questions.

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    Eric_BabulaEric_Babula Posts: 413 ✭✭✭✭

    @pcgscacgold said:
    Hi, it really depends what you are looking for.

    I suggest you attend the area coin shows.

    @pcgscacgold - Thanks for responding to my DM! Much appreciated!

    For others who may respond:

    The coin shows sound like fun, though a little intimidating. I think I should just go to one or two and walk around, with no intentions of buying very much. I'd need to get a feel for how they work, before being comfortable working the scene

    Basically, I'm looking for a good, honest, guy/gal who might be willing to chat to a relative newbie and teach me a little as we talked about coins, or who would help me find something decent for my Dansco 7070 Type Set and not rip me off. I would be mostly looking for lower dollar figure US coins (say, mostly $5 - $300 coins). Maybe someone who would give a fair price (I know they have to make a profit, too) on a bunch of my coins that I don't need anymore (say, lower grade silver and about 4,500 Wheaties). Basically, I'd like to find someone that wouldn't be upset if I came in and hung around once in a while to just peruse their coins and chat with them. Someone I could maybe build a relationship with, over time. Not someone who would prefer if I just came in, knew what I wanted, bought it, and got out.

    I'm not really looking for stacking gold/silver or bullion at this time. The thought did run through my head to look into silver prices, and maybe buy some junk silver coins (low grade Mercs, Washingtons, Walkers, Franklins, etc.). But, I don't think I have enough $$$ to really play that game.

    Like I mentioned in my post above, I'm just starting to get organized, so I can learn more and get back into coin collecting. Right now, it's more of a hoarding of junk than an organized collection. I have to get rid of the junk and get my little collection to be organized and figure out what I actually want to keep/collect. But, when I'm ready to start buying, I'd love to have a good guy to be my go-to. Ebay is always there, and I'll give that a look also, but it seems like it would be fun to go into a shop and chat with a dealer as I look over his selection of coins, too!

    Anyway, thanks for reading my long-winded msg!

    Thanks for any advice!

    Rocking my "shiny-object-syndrome"!!!

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    DisneyFanDisneyFan Posts: 1,707 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you can take the train to downtown Chicago - Harlan J Berk Ltd is first class. They are only open Monday through Friday. Here is their website.

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    BAJJERFANBAJJERFAN Posts: 30,988 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Heyyy Eric, Long time no speak. I remember you from the AOL newsgroup days. A member here Fishteeth is from your area. Message him and he may have suggestions. Good Luck.

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    Eric_BabulaEric_Babula Posts: 413 ✭✭✭✭

    @BAJJERFAN said:
    Heyyy Eric, Long time no speak. I remember you from the AOL newsgroup days. A member here Fishteeth is from your area. Message him and he may have suggestions. Good Luck.

    Hey, @BAJJERFAN! Yes, the old RCC days! Hope you're doing well! Do you still wear your RCC pin(s) at coin shows? LOL! Remember the pins?

    Thanks for the info re: @Fishteeth. I'll give him a shout.

    Rocking my "shiny-object-syndrome"!!!

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    fishteethfishteeth Posts: 2,236 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 11, 2023 11:05AM

    Greater milwaukee was the best but they are shutting down. Next week is their last week and Brookfield already closed. No other dealers to go out of your way for in milwaukee area.

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