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1793 Medals question answered

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I want to sell these this is not a prerequisite to solicite them. Although I guess it could be interpreted as one.
I don't know what these are worth. Before I post them could someone help me determine a fair price? Even a link to somewhere to do research. I can't find anything.


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    "Medallic Portraits Of Admiral Vernon" by John W. Adams & Dr. Fernando Chao is the catalog that will help you identify the medals by catalog number. You can then search auctions listing from the major auction companies & eBay to see what similar medal (usually in higher grades) have brought in the past.

    You do have the Eimer catalog number on the top piece; that catalog will give you an optimistic valuation. Although Admiral Vernon medals are associated with the U.S. through their listings in Betts, most of the better varieties of the 100+ different varieties that I've sold over the past several years have gone to Spain so you might have better luck on the world forum on this site,.

    (Are these the same pieces that were asked about on several different Facebook sites?)

  • I have no idea about Facebook. I do not participate.

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