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R.I.P. Bobby Hull

jus saw on the net he passed away today.


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    too bad.

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  • RIP 🙏🏻

    My only Bobby Hull card:

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    A legend

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    No way... :(

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    edited January 30, 2023 11:41AM

    Reminds me a while back I was at an old timers game where i live and got his autograph. I missed the next old times game ( theres one held here once a year ) . 2 yrs later was at another game and was in line to get a photo signed . He leaned over the table and said " hi jeremy , you thought probably in my old age i would have forgotten you but I havent. " . After he was done signing and taking a break i got to join him privately for coffee and snacks so we spent 20 mins - 1/2 hr chatting and he signed a photo i had developed from a 1975 kodak slide of his from the jets . He was quite the nice guy .

  • 80sOPC80sOPC Posts: 1,137 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've met Bobby as well, suspect he mellowed in old age. Great signer that would spend time with you.

    He does have a pretty checkered past, wasn't always such a great guy FWIW.

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