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Large 1984 Topps Team Set lots

yankeeno7yankeeno7 Posts: 9,239 ✭✭✭

The lots are from a person who had opened multiple vending cases. I would say overall the cards are NM. There are some better and some as low as EXMT. You may or may not find a straggler card that is completely messed up. I tried to cull those out while going through the cards but Im sure I did not get them all. Centering is all over the place. A few cards that have a tiny ding that is common for vending from the bottom of a vending case.

I price the lots by the team sets only and the extras are just a free bonus. Some lots have only a few hundred extra and some lots have over 1000 extras. As for the HOFers, some extras will be lacking of any of the HOFers, some have a few. Some commons have 60-70 of the same player. It's all over the place but as stated, I consider those as a free throw in. Of course the team sets include the HOFers. With little investment, Im sure many more team sets could be made of each team. All Star cards are INCLUDED in the team sets. Leaders and Highlights are NOT included.

If anyone here sets up at shows or flea markets, these may be a good item to make some money. I have put low prices on them to move them out of my house. They are taking up too much space :smile:

Payment will be with Paypal F/F. Shipping is extra. Some lots may fit in a medium flat rate but the larger lots will require a large flat rate. So which ever box it will fit, shipping will be exact amount. Please feel free to message me with any questions regarding the lots.

Team # of team sets Extras(approximate) Price (not including shipping)
A's 33 ~1350 57.75 (1.75 per)
Royals 32 ~1225 48 (1.50 per)
Indians 32 ~425 64 (2.00 per)
Angels 32 ~1150 48 (1.50 per)
Red Sox 30 ~1125 67.50 (2.25 per)
White Sox 32 ~1150 48 (1.50 per)
Mariners 32 ~925 32 (1.00 per)
Yankees (no Mattingly) SOLD SOLD SOLD
Blue Jays 32 ~1225 32 (1.00 per)
Twins 33 ~1250 41.25 (1.25 per)
Brewers 32 ~850 72 (2.25 per)
Rangers 32 ~650 32 (1.00 per)
Orioles 31 ~850 62 (2.00 per)
Reds 32 ~850 32 (1.00 per)
Astros 32 ~1250 72 (2.25 per)
Expos 32 ~800 48 (1.50 per)
Cubs 31 ~500 77.50 (2.50 per)
Phillies 32 ~925 80 (2.50 per)
Giants 32 ~950 32 (1.00 per)
Braves 32 ~575 48 (1.50 per)
Padres 32 ~825 80 (2.50 per)
Mets 31 ~525 93 (3.00 per)
Dodgers 32 ~850 40 (1.25 per)
Pirates 32 ~1450 40 (1.25 per)


  • yankeeno7yankeeno7 Posts: 9,239 ✭✭✭

    Updated for sales. Who doesn't love 84 Topps? :)

  • estangestang Posts: 1,251 ✭✭✭

    Neat find. You may want to try some FB boards and see how you can move them. It's a great set but I'm good on the one I've compiled...

    Enjoy your collection!
  • yankeeno7yankeeno7 Posts: 9,239 ✭✭✭

    @estang said:
    Neat find. You may want to try some FB boards and see how you can move them. It's a great set but I'm good on the one I've compiled...

    Yeah, I do plan on posting in some fb groups but I wanted to offer here first. Thanks!

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