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Can one purchase tracking for a 1st Class letter in a regular #10 envelope at the post office?

I know this can be done on eBay but I sold stamps and put them in the wrong category so eBay wanted to charge me $3.90 for postage. The stamps weigh well less than 1 ounce. If it had been in the correct category it would have only been 0.60. So since I don’t have the eBay option can I get tracking if I pay for 1st class postage at the USPS post office? Thanks!


  • RufussCkingstonRufussCkingston Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭✭

    You can't without paying for package service or certified mail, which still puts you in the $4+ range. The tracking with eBay envelope is not "real' tracking in the sense that there is no barcode that the mailman scans at delivery, let alone a USPS employee can scan at acceptance. The tracking is based on scans of the postage QR code in sorting machines to show progress, and then it shows delivered after a set amount of time from the sorting scan at the machine closest to the delivery location. This is why a lot of peeps will complain that the item shows delivered but they don't have it, and then it shows up a day or two later.

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