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Time for our first Numiscollect catalog of hot offerings for 2023 🔥

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We are pleased to share some exciting coins planned for 2023 along with an action packed new catalog from our prestigious partner Numiscollect.

As always happy and healthy collecting,

Art in Coins

2022 Solomon Islands 2 Gram Lion Black Rhodium 24K Gold Coin Pendant

Gold jewelry is usually made of 14K gold and occasionally with a fineness of 18K. This piece is a very rare exception because it is not only 24K (.999) but is actually struck with a purity of .9999. The 2022 Lion features a first time application of Black Rhodium with red accents on the motif making for a very special issue.

2023 Palau 3 Ounce Flower with Butterfly DOT Art Black Proof Silver Coin

The Flower with Butterfly is the 4th issue in Palau's DOT Art series once gain employing Smartminting©️ technology that brings this coin to virbant life. Flower with Buttefly has a black proof finish, partial color and has been struck in 3 ounces of 99.9% pure silver.

2023 Cook Islands 3 Ounce Mona Lisa Graffiti Art Black Proof Silver Coin

Mona Lisa is the first issue in a revolutionanry new coin series ‘Graffiti Art’. Beautiful artwork based on the Mona Lisa is featured on the reverse and a special coat of arms for the obverse. The coin is minted in stunning ultra-high relief that is incorporated in the coins rim.

2023 Palau 2 Ounce Fury of Nature Pompeii Eruption High Relief Silver Coin

Pompeii Volcano Eruption is the first issue in Palau's ‘Fury of Nature’ series. The reverse depicts the eruption and the surprised inhabitants of Pompeii running from their daily activities. On the obverse one can see the detailed ruins of today's excavations, both minted in ultra high relief.

2023 Djibouti 3 Ounce Abourma Rock Art Prehistoric Art High Relief Silver Coin

Abourma Rock Art is the first issue in the (revived) Prehistoric Art series. From the 3 kilometer stretch of thousands of Abourma rock carvings it shows the largest stone ‘The Zoo’. This coin is struck using enhanced Smartminting©️ technology which results in impressive ultra high relief on the reverse.

2023 Palau 2 Ounce Egyptians Rites of Passage & Afterlife High Relief Silver Coin

The ‘Egyptians’ continues the ‘Afterlife – Rites of Passage’ series as the second issue from Palau. It shows the burial rites of a fallen Egyptian pharaoh on the reverse and the afterlife ‘Duat / Field of Reeds’ on the obverse. This coin is struck using enhanced Smartminting©️ technology which results in stunning ultra high relief on both faces.

2023 Cook Islands 3 Ounce Antikythera Mechanism Silver Coins

Antikythera Mechanism is the 10th issue in the ‘Archeology & Symbolism’ series. Taking advantage of ultra high relief Smartminting©️, the Antikythera mechanism is presented in a completely new perspective. The 3-coin program includes antique finish along with partially and fully gilded versions.

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