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Relive British History with Our Exclusive Medal Collection - A Must-Have for Collectors!

Medals that commemorate historical events give the collector a special insight into the opinions of the people at that time, what was important to them and how the event was regarded.

The engraver will often design the medal with this in mind. With perspective, we can then review how important that event became in history.

Events such as Jernegan's lottery (https://historicalmedallions.com/products/1736-jernegans-lottery-silver-hm-156), the first of its kind which made way for the lottery concept that is so much a part of our society today, or the life-saving medal (https://historicalmedallions.com/products/1810-life-saving-medal-royal-humane-society-bronze-hm-15) that was issued by the Royal Humane Society from 1774, after physician WIlliam Hayes discovered the ability to resuscitate victims of drowning.

This medical procedure is still used to this day and would have saved possibly millions of lives around the world over the last 250 years. Another special event for Britain was the 1936 maiden voyage of RMS Queen Mary.

Many medallions were struck for this occasion showing the impressive luxury Liner on its obverse. It set a new standard in luxury trans-Atlantic travel and transported millions of passengers in style for over 30 years.

historicalmedallions.com has a varied selection of medals that commemorate historical events alongside many military, royal and political medals from the last 3 centuries.

Discover our collection here: https://historicalmedallions.com/collections/historical-event-medals

1810 Life Saving Medal

1736 Jernegans Lottery

Discover a piece of Britain's and Europe's rich history with our exclusive collection of commemorative medals. From significant events to notable figures, our medals offer a unique look into the past. Perfect for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, don't miss out on the opportunity to add these one-of-a-kind pieces to your collection. Shop now and relive the moments that shaped history.


About Historical Medallions

You may be familiar with my late Aunt, Mrs Neddy Allen who was a numismatist for over 40 years, and had a special interest in medallions related to the City of London. She learnt about the medal business from her late husband, Peter Maundy Allen, and continued to trade well into her 80's. Over the last 15 years, she gradually passed on her knowledge to me and it was the stories behind each of the medallions that I found fascinating.

These historical events shaped our country and many have significance still to this day. Whether it be a gift for someone interested in a special event or something that adds to your collection, owning a medallion is to have a true piece of history to treasure.

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