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1897A Dominican Republic 1/2 peso large A and small A mintmark varieties, also I see a repunched 9!

In the NGC census for the 1897A Dominican Republic 1/2 peso they list large A and small A mintmark varieties. See this link:

Does anyone know how to tell a Large A from a Small A mintmark on the 1897A Dominican republic 1/2 peso?

The 1897A Dominican republic 1/2 peso was struck in Philadelphia but the dies were made in Paris = A mintmark.

The example of this coin that I am studying can be seen here:

I've noticed it has a repunched 9 in the date. It is strong repunching and can be a 9 repunched over another 9, or less likely maybe a 9 repunched over and 8. Has anyone ever noticed this before. What do you think?

Finally, besides the World Coin books, are there any books that cover Dominican Republican coins?

Thanks very much in advance.

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