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Buying: Odd, Foreign, Out of Print, or Custom Dansco Albums

AlbumNerdAlbumNerd Posts: 117 ✭✭✭

I'm a massive fan of Dansco albums and their history. My personal goal is to collect one of every album that Dansco has ever produced. Here is my updated collection!

So far I have collected 180 albums and I am now branching off to look for more Odd, Foreign, Obscure, or Custom Dansco Albums

Below are some specific albums I am trying to collect but I am open to any rare albums you have!

7230 - Guatemala Type

7240 - Cuba Type

7452 - Republic of Panama Type

7337 - Australia Type Set

7350 - Fiji

7360 - New Guinea

7447 - New Zealand Type

7450 - Hong Kong Type

7373 - Ireland Florin, Halfcrown

7500 - Swiss Confederation Type

Here are some more modern albums I am still trying to find

7336-2 - Australia 10-cent decimal

7338-1 - Australia 20 cent decimal

7338-2 - Australia 50 cent decimal

7340 - Australia Two Dollar

7470 - Euro One Dollar

One of the rarest albums out there is the "Continental Line" run of Dansco albums. I am especially keeping an eye out for those.

Hope you can help!


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