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Any thoughts on these coins?

XOXOMothergooseXOXOMothergoose Posts: 3
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I happen to come across these coins in my stuff of boxes and things from over the years. Mostly from my 20’s I believe but I never thought I’d ever have any crazy insane coins that would be worth anything. I just assumed my luck I guess. Anyways, just note the camera I have is not up to the task (Iphone 12) so pictures may be a bit dark and shadowy in spots.

1926 “Phoenix and Dragon” 10C silver China Republic I have had a coin shop look at it but they only dealt in US currency and told me to get it appraised as it is higher than XF45 the shop said and by looking at other grades on NGC/PCGS/Heritage/Ebay completed sales. Does anybody have any experience with this coin at all? I know numbers on this specific coin is going into the thousands easily and the pictures don’t do them justice. But I have sent Heritage a few pictures to see if their interested in making a lot with my coins I am showing here. Any insight on how it is to deal with them or past experiences?

1920 China Kwang-Tung Province 20 Cents and its got few scratches but otherwise decent nick. Maybe Details? This is up for going with the 1926 Dragon.

1902-5 Hu-Peh Province China 10 Cash, and theres 26 iterations and I haven't the slightest how to track it down without a loop. Does anyone see the seeming crack in the coin? Looks like its been there since it was struck. Any insight? This was sent also in pictures to Heritage along with the previous 2. Any insight? F8 lol

1949? Espana 50 Centavos but I think its a E-51 but without a proper loop I can’t quite make it out. It really does look like a 51 and an E in two pictures and others I can call it. If it is the E-51 and it’s grades decent it could be valuable.

1944 5 & 20 Centavos Filipina United States of America and the winner here is the 20 cent with its tone or whatever it is color and the good grade I suspect it would be and the 5 Cent is in awesome condition as well. Never cleaned any of these coins at all or anything. I’ve just put them safely away after pictures. Anyone have input on either. I believe the 20 is a D/S or a D/D you can clearly see the D is funny looking compared to non issue examples.

German 2 Reichmarks 1934 K mark F. Schiller and also the Pfenning 5 not sure its year. Any input on value?

Does this look like the Dragon 1926 and 20 Centavos Filipina are probably my biggest money hitters here for auction? That is if they’re interested and I know they can outright buy your coins. Has anyone ever done that and do they do a payment of half of what the auction estimate is? Thanks people and I apologize for the newbie questions and I apologize if I broke any rules. I did read the forum rules before posting and did not see anything wrong about inquiring about value or worth of coins we have. Thanks again. Here you go for pictures.


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