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Confederate Currency Authentication Help

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Hi all!

I'm hoping to get your opinion on a CSA that I am thinking of purchasing...and maybe an idea of approximate value...

A guy contacted me with a few pics of a T-35 saying that he wanted to sell it.

As most scammers say, he inherited it... but this guy seems more legit. He knows what it is, claims his parents bought it as an investment directly from Hugh Shull, and thinks he has that documentation yet... he thinks that they paid $5850 for it.

He says that he is caring for his elderly mother... I can relate... and bills are piling up... again, pretty scam typical... and continues to say that he'd probably take $3500 for it... that is probably about half retail?

He sent me the attached pics... and more close ups if you'd like...

I have the Fricke books... the Thians Registry... a book on fake Confederate... and the new Darby book of signatures... the note seems legit to my novice eyes...

I Googled his name and he is an author of books relating to the Civil War... and we only live about 9 hours apart, so I can probably tell it is him by comparing his pic to his person...

Any ideas on how I can go about making a purchase based on authentication?

your input is much appreciated!


I mainly collect raw Ancients, PCGS Mercury Dimes, and raw CSA'S... but have misc other sets...Jeffhttps://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/mysetregistry/set/215647https://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/mysetregistry/showcase/8378



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