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FUN New Pickup #1 — Bass Collection

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In my FUN Show Report, I noted that I took home a couple lots from the Bass collection. The first of which was the 1863 2c (J-312), the immediate precursor to the new denomination that began circulating in 1864. This example is graded PR64BN.

The J-312 was already on my shortlist because of its historical importance. Serving as the denomination’s design pattern, it is also the physical manifestation of the deliberations about the wording of the religious motto that would first appear on the 2c piece. This piece reads “GOD OUR TRUST”, which was replaced with the familiar “IN GOD WE TRUST” in 1864.

As far as patterns go, this one is relatively accessible with over 100 pieces (R.4) extant among the color designations. Typically a few examples surface at auction annually, and I assume a few more trade hands privately. According to the collection website and HA description, Bass acquired this example from Julian Leidman in 1972.

Proofs are finicky photography subjects, but the TrueView represents the fields when under full, direct bright light. The HA photos show the coin when under softer, diffused lighting. I took a few in-hand shots as well. I prefer my old copper brown, and I like the streaky toning on this example, as well as the blue & pink hues that the fields take on in direct lighting.

Evidently it did not pass CAC, although I’m unsure if JA simply thought it was a point too high for the level of field reflectivity, or if he had some issue with the carbon spotting under the “2” on the reverse. There is no evidence of hairlines as far as I can tell. The eye appeal and pedigree were the leading factors for me, so not having the bean is no big deal.

Any and all comments are welcome, and if you happen to own an 1863 2c pattern, feel free to share it in this thread.


Heritage Close-Ups:

Amateur iPhone shots:

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