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2. 1958 ddo? 1917 ddo? 1972 ddo?

I'm still new at this an I came across these an alot others wondering if they are doubled.. please give input trying to learn


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    1. I'm looking in the Coin facts app, and 1958-D doesn't have a registered DDO variety, only the Philly coin does. Then at the bottom of your post, you posted a close up different 1958 with no mm. The 58 ddo is extremely rare (3 examples known?), and the doubling would be evident without magnification on "liberty" or "in god we trust" but you posted a close up of the only the date.

    2. the 1917 ddo looks like can be identified easiest by the word "trust" in "in god we trust" but again, you posted a close up of the date, however doubling does appear in the date on coin facts, and I don't see the same type of doubling in your photo.

    3. The 1972 DDO I see in coin facts has pretty extreme doubling on all lettering and the date, and I do not see that on your coin.

    I don't collect Lincoln cents and I was able to find these comparisons all on the coin facts app. If you haven't already, I recommend using that as a resource in the future to try to decipher if you have something or not. Also, in future posts, please provide clear photos of the entire coin and try to organize the pictures so we know what were looking at. The assortment of different closeups of different coins is confusing, and I wasn't sure which coin I'm looking at half the time.

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