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1895 Indian head penny that’s con-caved and been in circulation for quite a while. It is a RPD.

I’m trying to figure out if this coin was made this way ( mint error) or did someone make it this way.
I can’t see any evidence of it being pressed like this . It is quite noticeably Concaved . Got it in a coin roll of wheat cents. I’ve looked everywhere I know but can’t find much on Concaved —convex coins.
I did locate a Kennedy Half Dollar and the markings it like little circular pockets and lettering that looks stretched and the fact that even with a coin microscope I can’t see any markings that looks like it’s been altered at least with my untrained eye. It is off centered ever so slightly.
Yes I am a newbie and wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s nothing but if it been alter I would like to learn how to tell. I reserved a lot of stuff trying to get has much knowledge about coins and their errors and verities on my own. Did ask one other person who just blew it off witch wouldn’t surprise me but he also blew off what could have caused it.
So whether it’s a mint error or an altered coin any real knowledge about it would make me a winner. So someone please school me with your knowledge it won’t be wasted. It will be much appreciated.
Thanks lost and baffled Damnitman1


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