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ESPN simulator predicts Cowboys vs Bills Super Bowl

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It's official, the Cowboys and Bills will square off in this year's Super Bowl, the ESPN simulator predicted it.

Cowboys vs. Bills in Super Bowl, Predicts ESPN Simulator; Who Wins?

FRISCO - No disrespect to ESPN's "computer simulations,'' but these sort of exercises can only output results that are reflective of what the computer has been fed.

Junk in, junk out. ... though we bet fans of the Dallas Cowboys hope this isn't "junk'' ... and we're confident fans of the Buffalo Bills believe it is not "junk'' at all.

The computer "reports'' that the Bills will be avenging their two Super Bowl defeats from 30 years ago, when the Dallas dynasty last flexed its muscle with a total of three Super Bowl wins in four years.

And this time? ESPN is telling us that the outlet's "Football Power Index simulations'' (again, whatever that is!) yields a forecast that has the Cowboys and the Bills as the final two teams standing when Super Bowl LVII gets underway in in Arizona in February.

The computer did, at least "show its work,'' as it worked to predict scores for the final regular-season games through Week 18. The result?

Buffalo finishes the year at 14-3 to earn the AFC's No. 1 playoff seed, and they eventually defeat the Kansas City Chiefs (14-3 and the No. 2 seed) to secure a berth in the Super Bowl.

And in the NFC? The 13-4 Cowboys enter the tournament as the NFC's fifth-seeded team but take down the top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles (15-2) in the divisional round and then then beats the San Francisco 49ers (the No. 2 seed at 12-5) to represent the conference in Super Bowl LVII.

Viable? Sure.

Predictable? Not really.

Desirable? The computer has Buffalo getting its revenge on the Cowboys from Super Bowl XXVII and Super Bowl XXVIII by beating Dallas this year, so ... no. For Cowboys Nation, not entirely desirable.

Maybe the computer can be right for the next month or so, though, before going haywire?


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