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Completely new to paper currency, question about 2 x US Jefferson STAR $2.00 Bills, 1953C and 1976.

I am brand new to paper currency. I have looked into these two $2.00 bills. 1) Jefferson, 1976, STAR, Green Seal, low number?, uncirculated, $2 bill. 2) Jefferson, 1953A, STAR, Red Seal, uncirculated, $2 bill. I have found that these are possibly a high grade due to their condition, but am not certain due to being such a complete newbie. The 1976 is not too valuable is seems regardless, unless the addition of the star and a possible "low" serial number may change that. The 1953A also seems to have a high grade, but is still not too valuable either. But, I could easily be wrong in all ways. I would love feed back on the grades, and/or other research you think I should conduct into these, thank you all, Greg.


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    If you’re going to own a 1976 $2 replacement note, having a Minneapolis (I), Kansas City (J) or Richmond (E*) would be the ones to have. The 1953A $2 replacement note is older but less valuable than the 1976 $2 replacement note. The BEP printed 640,000 of the above mentioned 1976 $2 star notes and 720,000 of the 1953A $2 star notes. As far as determining condition from photos, using side lighting gives you the best chance to detect folds and handling marks.

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    Great pro tip, also check those corners for frayed edges. Good luck. Peace Roy

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    Yes, those are folds on the 1953A, so that one probably will grade XF. The 1976 appears to be a Choice or Gem CU note, but grading from photos can be tricky.

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  • @Steve_in_Tampa, Wow! Thank you very much for the kind instruction, information and pointers! That makes a lot of sense to use side lighting, and I will do that. I just found another 1976 J, Star note, with serial number J00084824, and 5 x 1976 Js. I will photograph and post them with side lighting. Happy New Year, Greg.

    @Namvet69, Roy, thank you. I will handled all of these very carefully, and have been looking for any errors/damage, etc..., maybe I should photograph all of the ones I believe to be possibly uncirculated for constructive criticism. For now, I will do the J notes. Happy New Year, Greg.

    @sellitstore, Thank you for the grading input, as, right now, I have no idea, other than having looked and read the grading lists. No experience at all. So, are these notes, or at least the 1976 Star note, with grading, in terms of the return on value? I am doing this for a client of mine, in order to protect them during their downsizing. I am not expecting to make any money from this process, unless they then ask me to sell them for them. I have a number of posts explaining my purpose in the US Coins area. Thank you, and Happy New year, Greg.

  • So, excuse the photography, I am working on my stomach due to my back. I can do better if needed for anyone, just let me know which bill(s) to retake. I have rephotographed with raking light, as Steve_in_Tampa suggested. I started with the STAR bills, and found a couple more. I also photographed the "best" of the bills they have in any particular group. I find the Red Seal $2's odd, as in the new lighting, as it looks almost washed to me. I would love to know grades on the best examples, and where to find the most reliable values, as I find both PCGS and NumisMaster hard to search for paper currency. Of course I know to check eBay/Worthpoint, Heritage, etc... Thank you all for your help, constructive criticism, and pointers. Happy New Year, Greg.

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    Thanks for the additional photos. Most are blessed with excellent embossing and cursed with handling marks. Most collectors gauge value by checking the prices of recently SOLD examples similar to theirs.

  • @Steve_in-Tampa, thanks again! I understand 100% - SOLD values only. I run into this issue with my clients all the time in my area of expertise. They look at the highest possible asking prices, and I have to then go and deflate their incorrect expectations! Thank you, and a Very Happy New Year to you, Greg.

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