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A bunch of nice mid-range Portrait 8 Reales - NYINC 2023

Once you get blown out of the water bidding on Senator's high grade selection, you can settle on a nice mid-grade original Portrait 8 Reales from my collection. I'll provide some commentary here, but feel free to DM me.

Lot 21167 Mexico 1773 8 Reales in NGC AU-55

Bought raw in 2013 from Soler Y Llach (Subasta 1076 Lot 478). Auction While the toning is on the darker side, there's still luster present. Interesting die scratches on the obverse under the chin. Standard design with mintmark and assayer initials facing the correct way.

Lot 21172 Mexico 1783 8 Reales in PCGS AU-55

A wonderful original example of this common shipwreck date usually found damaged by salt water corrosion or covered in chopmarks. Ex: @OriginalDan

Lot 21179 Mexico 1790 8 Reales in PCGS AU-58

Light golden toning with good luster and eye appeal. Ex: @bidask

Lot 21203 Mexico 1815 JJ/HJ over-assayer variety 8 Reales in NGC AU-58

Nice clear example of this tough R2 over-assayer variety. You can see both the remains of the H to the right of the first J, as well as the re-positioned dot between the assayers. Lightly toned lustrous obverse with a darker reverse.

Lot 21207 Mexico 1820/10 over-date variety 8 Reales in PCGS AU Details

Took me a few years to replace this with a straight graded example for the collection, so you can imagine how tough this variety is. R3 in Yonaka. Obviously not really an 1820/10, as the bust would have been completely different, but there isn't evidence of a 9 under the 0 to confidently call it a 20/19 (which it likely is). This was the first example of this over-date certified by either service and to date there's only one straight graded example at either PCGS or NGC.

Lot 21207 Bolivia 1822 8 Reales in NGC AU-58

Very curious variety I've discovered earlier in the year that does not appear to be documented anywhere else. The 8 in 8R on the reverse appears to have been punched upside-down. I haven't been able to find another example, so seems to be quite rare.

Lot 42592 Mexico 1790 CIIII 8 Reales in PCGS AU-53

A slightly undergraded example with pleasant golden toning and large areas of luster. Nice matched pair to the 1790 in AU58 listed above. Purchased from Northeast Numismatics in 2013.

Lot 42593 Mexico 1792 8 Reales in PCGS AU-58

Rich cabinet patina with still quite a bit of luster remaining. Picked this one up from Soler Y Llach in 2013.

Lot 42595 Mexico 1794 8 Reales in PCGS AU-58

This is a neat coin. Great strike, full detail and luster and you can get the color to pop just right, as can be seen by the images below.

Lot 42601 Mexico 1799 8 Reales in PCGS AU-58

Nice lustrous coin certified circa 2007. 1799's are tough to find in MS, especially nice, so this example would be a worthy addition to any set.

Lot 42609 Mexico 1810 8 Reales in PCGS MS-61

Awesome color on this one and lots of luster, especially on the reverse. Above average strike for the armored bust series, as well.

Lot 42611 Mexico 1814 8 Reales in PCGS AU-58

Fully original and lustrous coin with a small wipe in the right obverse field holding it back from bigger and better things. Ex: @OriginalDan

Lot 42612 Mexico 1817 8 Reales in PCGS AU-55 ex: NGC MS-61

Another neat coin. Very lustrous and virtually MS with slight strike weakness on the reverse due to uneven thickness of the planchet. Definitely undergraded as a 55. Old NGC MS-61 tag is included (3355714-002/61)

Lot 42614 Mexico 1821 8 Reales in PCGS AU-55

1821 is another surprisingly tough date to find with nice original skin, which this coin has plenty of. Slight obverse doubling.


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