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Who to contact at PCGS in regards to CoinFacts errors?

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I've seen a couple of posts re:1988 Lincoln Cents with Wide AM's and didn't really pay attention to them as all 88's were Wide AM's. But I notice CoinFacts still lists the WideAM as an FS-901 with an unreal value attached to it. Unless there is something I'm missing, who would I contact in this context? I know of the double ear and an FG issue, but nothing about the AM.

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    Jaime Hernandez?

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    On every page in coinfacts there is a SEND US FEEDBACK link just under auction record

    There is a FS-901 for 1988 and 1988-D cents. They are the 'reverse of 89' with RDV-006. A difference is the font on designer's initials FG.

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