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The light & dark of it What really causes the light and dark effects on The 2 dollar notes ?


  • Mr. E A Nater is onto more than I thought when first I read the article(s) about the light & dark hair
    on the 2 dollar notes in the in GOD we trust series.
    Looking into it has gotten more interesting as I go.
    I wanted to know why the hair seems to get lighter and darker / And while there is darker hair in the 2013 series than the 2009 series I realized it is not darker but that the lines representing hair are WIDER not darker. In fact they are actually lighter on the value scale but being wider seem darker fuller then add the play on light a scanner gives to a rendering and yes the hair REALLY appears darker.
    Attached are 3 notes 3 sets of them pick the lithest note in each photo then notice the serial numbers and how the bottom lower notes all look lighter. When 07 is on top it looks darker than 24 but reversed 24 looks darker.
    Umbra or effects of light trapped in a box ?
    Here to you will see the 2003 A series clearly stand out from the two 2003 series notes it seems there is a round mark on the forehead in it. Full wispy even curly little tips just like the original 1063 series EXCEPT the lines are WIDER more worn and touched up. But a new full head of hair it grew back but will wear down again by the 2017 A series. No more lines just dark shades of gray the difference between Alma Prima and Hatch from very worn plates.
    They really did very little touch up to the hair as these series came and went until 2003 A but here we are the plates are shot out as the 2017 A's show.
    Why no notes for District 12 & Atlanta ? This is why I believe we have seen the last of the 2017 A series the plates broke up laterally failed. Would they ever tell us ?
    And what better excuse to have The Ladies put their names on the most beautiful notes ever made.
    Everyone's on edge will they do a second run on the 2s are can we put them in the registered sets and go ?
    I do not think the hair is lighter it is just the width of the lines on worn out plates.
    And adding lines back to the places they had worn away to nothing.
    Save your 2017 A series and watch out for the BEP to un load the old to make room for the new.
    It will not be un common to get 100 2017 A series Star notes in a strap.

  • Left Overs: The 7 notes are from the bottom up the 1976 series 1995 2003 2003 A 2009 2013 2017 A

  • Steve_in_TampaSteve_in_Tampa Posts: 1,729 ✭✭✭✭✭

    To be fair, all of the different series notes being compared should be in the same condition, which preferably is uncirculated.

  • So much for stating the obvious
    Wish I did have all 9 u/c notes 1963 to 2017 A but since I don't
    I picked the better of mine at random not everyone is fat these days Steve glad to hear your doing
    so well.

  • JBKJBK Posts: 14,227 ✭✭✭✭✭

    They are printed by the engraving process. All the details are made up of "lines" engraved into the plates. Thicker or more lines = darker image.

    Variations in inking can also lead to variations in darkness.

    The plates used for the actual printing are replaced as needed, with more made from the master plates as necessary.

  • That makes better sense.
    But leaves me with a deeper twist. In that if new plates are used from a master plate where do the changes come from ? Do different people just free style design changes into the plates made from the master or is it actual wear & tear ?
    I am off to better understand these variables. Then it will be possible to understand how the etched lines in a new plate for printing taken from the or is it a master plate can have new lines but actually less lines blank spaces where a series back had pointillism dots you can see and count, vanishing lines fade away. This is easy to see what hurts my head is how a Master plate can create a working plate different than its self ? When I compared the 7 series of 2s I tried from my limited recourse to use notes from the low millions to the higher millions printed in a series because the Uncirculated notes all seem to be very early runs and just show us how it started out but as you say when the working plate runs down it is replaced with a new one = so why are not all the notes in a series the same > Need to see this better thanks for the heads up.

  • I now have 20 plus full sets of uncirculated notes 1963 thru 2017 A & will post one set for reference and help a s a p.
    At my age anything that motivates me to get up and do something is a good thing ...

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